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Saanane Island National Park

Welcome to Saaanane Island National Park, a Park that is located on an island in the Lake Victoria. It’s the only National Park within the city limits. The wildlife here includes Impala, Zebra, Wildebeest Klipspringer, Rock Hyrax, Vervet Monkeys, Dikdik, Otters, Crocodiles and a mixture of indigenous and introduced species. The habitat is of granite boulders, grassy areas, thorny thicket and woodland. There are several reed beds and large trees around the island’s shores.

There is also an enclosed lion’s den with huge boulders and trees where a lion and lioness live in love! Peacocks are living in another enclosure on the island. The main feature of the Park is a set of pathways and trails, well constructed with rustic granite stones and trimmed verges that wind a path to all corners of the island. There are look out points with wonderful views of the lake and islands, as well as rest points, a camp site, picnic bandas, a canteen, and quiet hidden corners.

We are honored to have you with us always and your presence is our motivation to do better. Enjoy your stay