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The Best Time To See The Wildebeest Migration

Witness The Thundering Herds: The Thrill of the Wildebeest Migration

Imagine millions of wildebeests stampeding across the plains, their hooves drumming a rhythm that echoes across the savanna. This is the Great Migration, a spectacle unlike any other on Earth. Witnessing this awe-inspiring event is a dream for many, and with careful planning, it can become your reality.

Where and When To See the Herds?

The migration is a continuous cycle, with the herds moving across Tanzania and Kenya in search of fresh grazing lands. Here's a breakdown of the best times and places to see them:

Southern Serengeti

Calving Season (December - March)

Witness newborns taking their first wobbly steps amidst the vast plains.

Central Serengeti

The Green Feast (April - May)

See the herds congregate in massive numbers, enjoying the lush green grasses.

Mara River

The Dramatic Crossings (June - September)

Experience the heart-stopping drama of wildebeests braving crocodile-infested waters.

Back To The South

The Return Journey (October - November)

Observe the herds heading back south, marking the end of the cycle.

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